Pharmaceuticals, Terrorism & Privacy

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Media Roots Radio Episode 2 by Media Roots

MEDIA ROOTS – In this edition of Media Roots radio Robbie and Abby Martin discuss pharmaceutical drugs, the co-opting of the tea party from the neo-conservatives, and go after “liberal” commentators like Jon Stewart and Bill Maher that frame the debate in a destructive way. We also break down the true threat of terrorism, and the importance of privacy in our lives.

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Listen to last week’s broadcast introducing Robbie and Abby and discussing the Obama administration.

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3 thoughts on “Pharmaceuticals, Terrorism & Privacy

  1. You’re doing an excellent job! keep it up!

    A couple suggestions: focus more on the corporate “citizens” rather than politicians, the scrutiny of the people should focus on the corruption on both sides of the “left/right” party politics.

    Also: it’s good to offer alternatives to protect one’s privacy online, re: and other open source plugins, tools and browsers that allow you to set your privacy controls.

    Maybe it’s time to drop the facebook fan page?

    -From a note seen on a sign at a random peace march.

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