Media Roots Radio: 12 Russians Indicted, Helsinki Putin Panic, Trump’s Reversal

Abby and Robbie Martin talk about the latest Mueller indictment of 12 alleged Russian intelligence (GRU) agents in relation to the alleged Russian state-sponsored hacking of the DNC and ‘meddling’ in the 2016 US presidential election. Robbie breaks down the charges and why the indictments aren’t meant to actually bring anybody to justice but are instead meant to paint a visual narrative for public consumption. They also discuss headlines like Elon Musk donating to the GOP and Ocasio-Cortez’s Palestine controversy. Later Trump’s performance at the Helsinki summit and the hysterical media reaction is discussed in detail.

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Media Roots Radio: Interview with Anoa Changa on Progressive Black Activists Targeted in New McCarthyism

Abby and Robbie Martin talk to Anoa Changa, a progressive Black activist, attorney and host of “The Way with Anoa”, about the NPR hit piece insinuating she is a Russian stooge, simply because she promoted her views on socialist radio shows hosted by Sputnik. They discuss Bernie Sanders, the Russiagate hysteria leading to the demonization of the left, and why the Alt Right need to be marginalized as much as possible in order to build social change.

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Media Roots Radio: Interview with Kelly Jones on Custody Wars & the Bizarre Transformation of Alex Jones

Robbie Martin speaks to Kelly Jones, the ex-wife of Alex Jones, about her ongoing custody battle and experience being under continual bombardment of vexatious litigation on behalf of her ex-husband. Kelly has already been granted primary custody by a Texas court, yet the judge has left her children with Alex.

They also speak at length about how Infowars transformed over the years from being a non-partisan, civil liberties focused, anti-militarized police platform into a pro-Trump, pro-police, pro-fascism hyper partisan anti-left megaphone. Kelly also walks through when the big ‘shift’ occurred (which happened to be around the same time as their divorce) when shadowy figures like Roger Stone, Matt Drudge and supplement manufactures started circling around Alex as he descended deeper into alcoholism and uncontrollable anger.

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Media Roots Radio: Interview with Conner Habib on the War Against Sex Workers, Federal Raids & FOSTA/SESTA

Robbie Martin speaks to adult film actor and author Conner Habib about the war against sex-workers, the shut-down of websites like Backpage and Craigslist personals and the new FOSTA/SESTA legislation passed overwhelmingly in the Senate.

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Media Roots Radio: Cambridge Analytica Private Mercenaries, Blue Planet & Jones/Stone/Neocon Alliance

Abby and Robbie Martin give tribute to renowned physicist Stephen Hawking, talk about Cambridge Analytica using Facebook data to target voters, and how the company acts as a shadowy private intelligence firm that carries out psyops and regime change ops around the world at the behest of Robert Mercer and other oligarchs.

Abby explains the most amazing underwater discoveries in the new Blue Planet series, including an octopus creating a sea shell suit and the vast communication networks that exist across ocean species. They talk about the new Waco miniseries, and the ATF/FBI attack on the compound where 80 people were massacred, the majority women and children.

In light of John Bolton being appointed as Trump’s National Security Advisor, they describe the bizarre trajectory of Alex Jones and Roger Stone–going from ‘fighting the deep state’ to building an open alliance with Bush-era neoconservatives.

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