Media Roots Radio: New Wave of Anti-LGBTQ Legislation, Manhattan Institute, CIA & Spooky Rufo’s Disney Leaks 2 of 2

In the second edition, Abby and Robbie dive deeper into what could be behind the new weaponized rhetoric of the right calling gay teachers and their political enemies ‘groomers’. They discuss the disturbing trend of anti-LGBTQ legislation sweeping the country and what think tanks are behind the bills. As they discuss the organizations fueling this artificial culture war, strange associations emerge like Uyghur baseball teams, the ‘Broken Windows Theory’ and even the CIA. They wrap by discussing the history of LGBTQ repression in the US.

Make sure to check out Part 1: Why Neoconservative Zionist Ron DeSantis is Called a Populist & Florida’s Silly Symphony

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Media Roots Radio: Coming Down from the Shock of Overturning Roe & J Peterson Unravels

Abby and Robbie talk about the fentanyl epidemic hitting home, anti-BDS legislation being ruled constitutional and heading to the Supreme Court next, Jordan Peterson’s evolution into a manic homophobe, Scott Adams advocating to murder your children, and SCOTUS overturning the right to abortion: how democrats are responding to the right wing judicial coup and what the dark new reality means for millions of marginalized people in the country.

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Empire Files: Abby Martin at RIMPAC War Games: The Inside Story [PREVIEW]

Full 90min podcast only at

Exciting news! We successfully got Abby access to the RIMPAC war games, including Navy assault ships and press conferences with top commanders, as well as the Secretary of the Navy.

We got incredible footage and interactions for our new documentary Earth’s Greatest Enemy, and are making this inside story available to everyone who has donated to the film.

Thank you so much for your support, we are so excited about the progress we’ve made and what’s to come!

Empire Files: SCOOP: US Lies About RIMPAC War Games Exposed

Abby Martin was in Hawaii covering the 2022 RIMPAC war games, with 26 nations participating under direction of the US military. Footage was filmed as part of our new film project EARTH’S GREATEST ENEMY. Learn more & support here:

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Media Roots Radio: The Boys, Co-Opting the Left, Latin America Throws Off Neocolonial Shackles

Abby and Robbie catch up on the last few weeks, including Robbie’s
special visit to the last Shulgin BBQ before Anne passed away, “The
Boys” show bad and good empire babydom, the killing and political
legacy of Shinzo Abe, the insidious co-optation of the left into
reactionary politics, and the historic shift in Latin America from
countries like Chile and Colombia throwing off their neocolonial

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