Media Roots Radio: Ep 5: the Acid Drought, Making DMT, A Godfather of Psychedelic Analogs & His Problem Child 2-C-T-7

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Robbie and Abby Martin continue their psychedelic series with an episode about the DEA raid on the LSD missile silo manufacturing plant, Robbie’s quest for psychedelics online, his experience taking 2-C-T-7 and dangerous attempts to synthesize DMT at his home. They discuss the fear campaign around several overdoses of 2-C-T-7 and introduce the groundbreaking life and work of the brilliant chemist behind 200+ psychedelic analogs, including MDMA, Alexander “Sasha” Shulgin and his wife Anne.

This is Episode 5 of an ongoing series on Psychedelic History, Episodes 1-5 are availible now. Patreon subscribers at the $5 tier get access to Episode 4 of the series:


Episode 1: A Brief History of Hallucinogens, MK-Ultra, the CIA, LSD, Leary & the Psychedelic 60s / 70s

Episode 2: How Raves Brought Back the Psychedelic Subculture, DanceSafe, Pill Tests & the DEA vs MDMA

Episode 3: Terrence McKenna, Johnathan Ott, DMT, Pharmahuasca, Heroic Dosing, Utopianism & the Psychedelic New Age

Episode 4: When Microsoft Employee #9 Boosted an Online Psychedelic Revolution,, DXM & Salvia

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