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MEDIA ROOTS – Following a critical broadcast on ‘Breaking the Set’ that examined the need for ‘conspiracy theory’ culture to claim everything is an inside job, Abby and Robbie discuss in much more detail the psychological phenomenon of diluting and poisoning the well of legitimate anti US government theory.

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10 thoughts on “MR Radio: The Boys Who Cried Wolf

  1. Good broadcast. Amy Goodman and Democracy Now are funded by the Ford Foundation though, and I’ve heard she receives funding from Soros’ Tides Foundation as well, although I can’t confirm that.

  2. I don’t think that most of the backlash against you was so much because you had a difference of opinion about Sandy Hook Abby, it was more to do with some of your withering remarks about those who questioned it. The fact we don’t don’t know for sure what happened there and, as usual, there was lots of room left for speculation. You ask that people respect your opinions, then maybe model that in your presentations, especially where there’s a lack of hard evidence and people are stuggling to make sense of it all. That said, my friends and I think your RT show is top notch and you’re greatly respected, so don’t let any negative comments get you down too much. Keep up the good work.

  3. I agree with Tarpley, there is something hinkey with what Assange has released so far. It’s mostly just stuff that is embarrassing, not damning.

    If I was the US Gov, I would want a fake org out there for insider leaks, easier to put the kabosh on any truly damaging information.

    Meanwhile, you guys are awesome, thanks for another great episode.


  4. Wow what a great episode! I agree 100% about Jones, etc. I feel like 9/11 truth credibility took a big hit by being so closely associated with Jones.

    The people that were behind 9/11 could not have asked for a better turn of events, now anyone who doubts the official story is seen as crazy.

    I looked into Sandy Hook, Aurora, Chem Trails, the Birther claims, etc. It all appears to be total bullshit, how easily people are mislead.

  5. i must confess, i was one of the first to call you a sell out, but it’s just the way your message came across, basically your message was not very clear… I totally miss-understood you, and so was our fellow earthlings…great job!

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