Media Roots Radio – Charlie Hebdo & 9/11 Islamophobia Flashbacks

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230409qaeda.jpgRobbie and Abby Martin discuss the hypocritical and deceptive nature of mainstream and alternative media coverage of the Charlie Hebdo shooting in France and why framing the event as a ‘freedom of speech’ issue is an opportunistic attempt to hijack the narrative into “the terrorists hate us for of our freedoms”. The intense global wave of Islamophobia following the attacks is examined and compared to post 9/11 hysteria.

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Recorded on 1/12/15

3 thoughts on “Media Roots Radio – Charlie Hebdo & 9/11 Islamophobia Flashbacks

  1. Regarding the part about thinking there was an improvement in how people viewed superficial differences (biological or social artifice): You expressed disappointment at how people so easily regress. I would ask you to consider the following: If a person really conceptually understands something like 2 plus 2 equals 4 (a simple task) or … (insert a complex calculus problem only a hardcore mathematician would love)____, then they cannot be shaken from the answer. But people mostly go along with things they never really grasp. Someone may run through it with them. They see the person do it and it seems to make sense – yet they never hard code it (so to speak). They never really grasp the concept.

    Now for the real issue: Who has Abby on video doing the karaoke? ;D

  2. Bush’s Weaponized Christianity

    Bush, God, Iraq, and Gog

    Clive Hamilton writes about Bush telling the French President Chirac that the Biblical Forces of Gog and Magog are in Iraq. Chirac, a member of the Catholic Church which is de facto preterist, had no idea what Bush was referring to.

    American Crusaders
    This documentary was shown on RT. Now available on Hulu.

    Where are the moderate American Xtians?

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