Media Roots Music – ATOP Mix #20

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ATOP Media Roots Music #20 by Media Roots

MEDIA ROOTS – This set is dedicated to people working to gain happiness in their lives. Hopefully those who suffer from anxiety, stress and trauma will gain peace of mind through trying times. 


ATOP, Akkad the Orphic Priest

All the featured music on the mix can be found through searching or by emailing me: [email protected].

Track Listing:

Clark – Com Re-Touch/Pocket for Jack
Daphni – Jiao
Nathan Fake – Warble Epics
Global Goon – Onyx Head
Memotone – Rooftop
Barker & Baumecker – No Body
Darkstar – Timeaway
1991 – Where do I Hide from Myself
Lapalux – Strangling You with a Cord
d’Eon – Al – Qiyamah
Old Apparatus – Schwee
Kreidler – Cascase
Superskin – The Limeworks
Amon Tobin – Wooden Toy (reworked by Bibio)


araabMUZIK – Lift Off
SKYWLKR – Sidekick Chillen’
Clark – The Pining pt 1
Mr. 76ix – Lectric Lady
Steinvord – Cyg X-1
Lapalux – Gutter Glitter
Fluorescent Grey – Quebecoise Italo
No UFO’s – Vertigo edit (K. Alexi)
Isengrind – Cygnus
M Geddes Gengras – Rebirth
Galaxy Toobin’ – God’s Day
Battles – Dominican Fade (Qluster rmx)
Lilacs & Champagne – Babbling Brooke
Inner Tube – Hardbodies
Robert Turman – Mind The Gap


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