Glenn Greenwald vs. Bush Drug Czar

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SALONGlenn Greenwald:  Last Thursday at Brown University, I debated former Bush drug czar John Walters on the virtues of drug legalization, and the video is below. The aspect of With Liberty and Justice for Some that has received the most attention is the shield of immunity for elite lawbreaking, but the other side of that rule-of-law evisceration — the incomparably harsh and sprawling penal state America has created for its ordinary citizens — is at least as important, and it is the Drug War that personifies the worst abuses of that punishment system and accounts for much of it.

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Glenn Greenwald vs. John Waters on Drug Legalization


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  1. This “Vimeo” viewer sucks. I can’t maximize the screen or skip forward into the discussion, and when I accidentally pressed the “HD” button it rewound and made me start from the beginning. Use YouTube, dudes, or complain to Vimeo to get a viewer that doesn’t suck.

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