Occupy Wall Street, Divide & Conquer, Medical Marijuana

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Media Roots Radio – Occupy Wall Street, Medical Marijuana by Media Roots

MEDIA ROOTS- Abby & Robbie Martin cover the Occupy Wall Street movement: Bay Area activism compared to other cities nationwide, the divide and conquer tactics being used to discredit OWS, the different schools of thought and ideology within the movement and the original demands made by the US Day of Rage; the Obama administration’s shocking crackdown on medical marijuana and new federal law banning medical marijuana card holders from owning firearms within their homes and apartments; Blackwater and the privatization of the armed forces: is the corporatization of the US military what is preventing an anti-war rebellion similar to that seen in the 60s?

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2 thoughts on “Occupy Wall Street, Divide & Conquer, Medical Marijuana

  1. I absolutely look forward to your podcasts; found you through Disinfo quite a while back. You produce an excellent and thought-provoking show. I would support you with a financial gift if possible, but I wasn’t born with the special DNA…

    In response to your observation regarding my generation’s apathy/cynicism , you are spot on. We saw a new light of freedom and hope that was completely stifled through Carter’s benign promises and onward, especially in the marijuana realm. I find what is happening to the medical marijuana community a Deja Vu of the backlash against personal freedom that occurred under Ronald Reagan’s presidency; the introduction of court sanctioned junk-science drug testing and zero tolerance policy which empowered the DEA’s war on Americans and for-profit treatment organizations of all types. As Howard Zinn has eloquently pointed out in his tome: A People’s History of the United States, the establishment (Government, Finance, Industry, and Church) learned many lessons from the 60’s and became even more empowered legislatively in their determination to keep our society a closed society; giving-in just enough to pacify and facilitated with the aid of the hypnotic false-reality that is television.

    I lived it and have seen the lies in action. And as I cannot now anticipate a better future ahead for me or my children and grandchildren, I sincerely hope the #OWS will produce demands that are able to force actual fundamental change, because your generation deserves better than what my generation has to offer. Blessings to the power and idealism of the young who have much to gain and little to lose.

  2. In a saner world, this is what a drive-time modern rock radio show would sound like.

    I love this level of humanity and hearing intelligent voices casually discussing meaningful topics of sociopolitical concern.

    NPR has always been so effing phony and sold-out and KPFA and Pacifica, well, for years Democrats have been trying to water that down. So, they’ve got these pro-MoveOn, pro-reform-Democratic-Party-from-within-instead-of-build-a-strong-Left-party, Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club Democrats that have been pushing KPFA towards NPR-isation for at least a decade. But thanks to the dedication of grassroots listeners, they’ve been stymied to some extent. The grassroots people never seem to have as much cash or power-bureaucrats on their side, but they have the power of truth and conviction of their side.

    Now, this Media Roots radio broadcast is truly refreshing and such an antidote to the uptight variety of intellectual radio that used to be the only conception I had of what radical radio can be. Thank you for giving listeners alternatives.

    May terrestrial radio pick this up and broadcast it far and wide in people’s cars and kitchens.


    You guys rock!

    “Don’t leave it all unsaid,
    somewhere in the wasteland of your head.”
    ? Morrissey

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