Media Roots Radio: the Masonic History of the US

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Robbie Martin delivers an epic 5-hour long episode of Media Roots Radio going over the Freemasonic origin story of the United States of America. Starting with the legend of King Solomon and Solomon’s Temple and how it serves as the foundation of Freemasonic occultism, Robbie then examines how Enlightenment era and Royal Society of London scientists flirted with the occult and alchemy, and how Isaac Newton became obsessed with decoding the secrets of King Solomon’s Temple. Freemason influence over the Sons of Liberty and foundational figures in the Revolutionary war like Benjamin Franklin and George Washington are discussed. Robbie ends the episode with George Washington arguing with a ‘conspiracy theorist’ of his era in a series of letters accusing Freemasons of trying to destroy Christianity.

Pt 1 of 3 [Preview 2]: A Reverend Tries to ‘Pill’ George Washington on Freemasonry

Pt 2 of 3 [Preview 1]: Anti-Masonry, Prince Hall, Joseph Smith & Albert Pike

Pt 2 of 3 [Preview 2]: #NeverForget September 11th 1826

To listen to the entire 5 hour-long episode: Anti-Masonry, Prince Hall, Joseph Smith & Albert Pike Pt 2 of 3 or The Temple of Solomon, Hiram Abiff & the Freemasonic Origin Story of the United States Pt 1 of 3 become a Patreon subscriber of Media Roots Radio for as little as $5 a month.

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