Media Roots Radio: The Demise of Red Bull Music Academy w/ Michael Buchanan and Mat Dryhurst

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In this episode of Media Roots Radio, Robbie Martin, along with guests Michael Buchanan and Mat Dryhurst explore the potential ethical and existential dilemmas posed by the normalization and subsequent closure of Red Bull Music Academy. The podcast starts with a reading of an article about RBMA Robbie wrote for German magazine Melodie Und Rhythmus :…-subkultur/. In the first hour Robbie chats with friend and electronic musician Michael Buchanan about the transition from ‘raves to clubs’ and why they think RBMA was an inherently problematic institution. In the second hour lecturer & electronic musician Mat Dryhurst is interviewed. Mat explains why he feels that RBMA actually provided a positive archival service for culture and how the music economy at large with streaming services like Spotify are much worse problems that need to be confronted.

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