Media Roots Radio: The Beginnings of Bohemian Grove & the Cremation of Care, Masonic History of the US Pt 8 [ Preview ]

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“Weaving Spiders Come Not Here”

The Freemasonic History of the United States VIII: 1880-1891

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Robbie Martin using original Bohemian Grove yearly annals and other sources tells the story of how the Cremation of Care ceremony came to be and how they performed it for nearly 30 years before the arrival of the iconic giant owl statue. The first time the Cremation of Care was performed with a statue wasn’t of an owl, it was performed in front of a 75 foot tall statue of Buddha while the grove members dressed in red and white kimonos. Other activities are alluded to in their early documents like procuring prostitutes, smoking marijuana and bathing together naked. The early 1890s would mark the beginning of top level US government officials becoming a normal sight at Bohemian Grove campouts.

The simulated Cremation of Care ceremony in the intro [recreated by Robbie Martin] includes pieces from the following authentic original Bohemian Grove compositions from ‘The Sounds of Bohemia’ :

Beauty’s Vassals – Performed by the No Name Quartet and composed by Charles Hart recorded 1987. This more jovial vocal song was sometimes performed directly before Cremation of Care would begin.

Barcarole – Performed by the Owl Club Orchestra and composed by Charles Hart recorded 1930. This song was specifically composed to accompany the transportation of the human effigy (Care) to the funeral pyre (a tradition that became transportation by boat)

Artwork: ‘Cremation of Care’ by Jules Taverier (from Harpers Magazine 1881)

This is part of a larger in-depth history podcast series that covers the span of American Freemasonry and all of its associated occult and fraternal organizations from 1776 – 1900.


Writing, Editing, Production,
Research, Narration: Robbie Martin

Research Assistant: Amanda Compton
Additional Research: Laurie Kirchner
Additional Research: Daniel Wright

Original Music:

‘In the Gilded Halls’,
‘For Jahbulon, for Glory’ by: Alex Freer

‘Within the Damp Caverns’,
‘Grand Hall’ by: Eliza Mitchell

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The Freemasonic History of the United States VIII :

1: Weaving Spiders, the Cremation of Care, Clandestine Memphis Misraim Rites & Cagliostro
3 hrs 24 mins

2: The International Order of Twelve Knights of Tabor, Militant Black Freemasonry & Pope Leo XIII
3 hrs 58 mins

3: The Golden Dawn, Enochian Magic, Occult Sciences, Spiritualist Scams & Hoaxes
2 hrs 48 mins

4: The Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret, Esoterika & the Legacy of General Albert Pike Grand Commander of the Southern Jurisdiction of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry 33rd °
4 hrs 36 mins

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