Media Roots Radio: Honoring Mike Gravel’s True Legacy, 1930 – 2021 w/ Eric & Mike Jackman

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Senator Mike Gravel passed away on June 26, 2021 at the age of 91. Leaving an amazing political career behind him, Robbie and Abby decided to reflect on his *true* legacy, one that has been white washed and cherry picked even in the recent newspaper obituaries. A legacy that includes sticking his neck out on taboo issues like advocating for a new 9/11 investigation and pushing legislation encouraging cooperation with the formerly People’s Republic of China. Gravel has been a huge inspiration to Media Roots since the beginning, leaving a lasting imprint on both Abby and Robbie since they watched him on the presidential debate stage vs Barack Obama in 2008. Because of this admiration, Robbie and Abby felt lucky they got Senator Gravel on Media Roots Radio twice as a guest over the years.

Early internet independent journalists Eric and Mike Jackman, also known as the Jackman brothers, had an opportunity to meet Gravel during the 2008 primary, as they happened to live in New Hampshire, a prime spot for visiting campaigning candidates during the presidential primary season. While Gravel was campaigning there, Eric landed a job working for the Senator as his driver. The Jackman Bros tell many hilarious and fascinating anecdotes from their long car rides with the Senator as well as much more.

There’s nothing complicated about today’s episode, this is a celebration of the life and career of Senator Mike Gravel featuring Robbie Martin, Abby Martin, Mike Jackman and Eric Jackman.

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