Media Roots Radio – Clinton’s ‘War on Terror’

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clintonbytimhamiltonMany people who became politically aware, or ‘woke up’ after 9/11 might wrongly assume that warrantless wiretapping, rendition of terror suspects, the formation of the Homeland Security Agency and predator drones were spearheaded by the Bush administration.

Yet the framework for the ‘War on Terror’ was put in place by President Clinton. Not only did Clinton have several opportunities to either capture or kill Bin Laden, but in the year prior to leaving office, he was warned with eerily similar Presidential Daily Briefs (PDBs) to Bush about imminent US plane hijackings. Throughout the 90s, the Taliban rose to power with the help of the Pakistani ISI, Unocal, the CIA and Enron, under Clinton’s term.

On this edition of Media Roots Radio, co-host Robbie Martin dissects the Clinton administration’s role in establishing the perpetual war against ‘terror’ as part of his 9/11 Bulletin series, once again exposing disturbing uniformity across both parties.

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3 thoughts on “Media Roots Radio – Clinton’s ‘War on Terror’

  1. I’m unable to listen to any radio broadcasts at the moment but I’ve heard of something with the code name ECHELON. The NSA intercepting global private communications (telephone, fax, email, internet.) So if Clinton was spying on Al Qaeda in the late 1990′, wouldn’t Bush have continued on with the program when he became president? Which means he would have known about 9/11 before it happened. If I’m right then you might be able to take him to a New York court and try to prosecute him for mass murder. You can’t get him on war crime charges because the United States haven’t ratified the International Criminal Court. Which means the US can commit any crime they want to and get away with it.

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