Media Roots Radio – Abby and Robbie Visit Hiroshima, Revenge of the DC Shills

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Robbie and Abby discuss the shady DC groups pushing for war with Syria and their ties with stenographer journalists. They also reflect on their experience visiting the Hiroshima museum with an in utero blast survivor and talk about why dropping two nuclear weapons on Japan was one of the biggest acts of terrorism of the 20th century.

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4 thoughts on “Media Roots Radio – Abby and Robbie Visit Hiroshima, Revenge of the DC Shills

  1. Great show guys! 8) I recently saw a report where it showed that in America’s History, America has only Not been at War for Less than 20 Years of its Existence. How Fucken Crazy is that!!

    Thanks for sharing your experience of the Japanese Culture. There Collective Norms are so Alien to us here in the US because of this Individualist Dogma we have been fed All our lives. More Money can be generated from people when everyone is Competing to Outclass one another so I guess it makes “sense” for the Profiteers.

    And as far as the Nuclear Bombs towards Japan, that has to be one of the Most Insanely Exaggerated Reactions Ever in a war and yet the Exaggerations continue Today. And where you see these types of decisions being made, you also see Huge Amounts of Profits/Influence/Advantages for that same Group being gathered. Discussing indeed.

    But on a Lighter note, Liquor Vending Machines! Hell yeah I wanna Party with You guys in Japan. Peace! 8D

  2. First thanks for taking the time! Second – I enjoy the Breaking the Set, but is entertaining to hear Abby uncensored. Third Robbie’s solo effort was good.

    On the Rovian pod people: Clearly this is an invasion – like the movie Invasion of the Body Snatchers. A vicious race of plutocrats that finally sucked the life out of their peasantry decided they had to migrate to a new planet to suck the life out of their peasants.

    There are no contradictions in existent reality, or abstraction. Contradictions come from faulty though processes.
    If there appears to be a contradiction in a system – that is where the contradiction is, and it was the result of the faulty thinking that created the construct, or rules. Specifically a social system must adhere to the nature of what man (the species) is. If you have constant conflict …. clear indication the system is bad.
    Reporting the truth may be the only way to incite people to stop and think – to question. If they just keep going along to get along – then it is pointless. That said much higher levels of critical thinking are needed (on average).

    It takes a fundamentally healthy intellect to question things.
    Take care.

  3. Young reporters should know better, LOL, in big cities, like DC, London, New York, Sydney, Paris, Hong Kong, etc. etc., you do not play the system game in order to win. LOL. That is, you don’t try to end the game. It’s not how it works. There is no end game there. You get in, get what you can, by manipulating others, then you get out. You cannot beat or defeat or change the game or the board on which it is played. The board is so big you cannot see its edges. It’s why the game continues, simply because it must. Its continuation, or more specifically, the false need to perpetuate it, is its key yet unwritten rule that all the players understand and accept. That’s why nothing ever changes. Same with the entertainment industry, same with politics, same with economics, etc. You can’t make a difference by exposing truth. That’s childish stuff. You get swallowed up by the game or the system. Nobody in those places knows what the truth looks like. If you want to make a difference you have to get out of there and start something of your own, find likeminded people, organize them around it, and hope it takes off. Reporting or trying to uncover the truth in a place like DC or New York or whatever is like wow how many lifetimes have you got to waste. LOL. If you are there you have to play the game, which means report bullshit. Nobody is there to help the guys at the bottom. They are there to get what they can, get out, and hand it over to their kids. What the public sees is called ‘the mask’. The politics arena wears one mask, the entertainment industry wears another and so on and so forth. The mask conceals the selfish greedy ambitions and portrays them as noble public service agenda and other citizenry what not bullshit and nonsense. Feature films are investment strategies. Once upon a time truth and art had dwelled within the walls of such fine institutions as governments and universities, unfortunately, that is no longer the case.

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