Media Roots Radio – 2016 Presidential Election Insanity

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Robbie and Abby Martin talk about the Syria ceasefire, Black Lives Matter and the 2016 presidential election insanity: GOP unraveling over Trump, the Clinton campaign’s dirty tricks, Hillary’s endorsement by neocon warmongers and the reality of Bernie Sanders’ domestic/foreign policy on the latest Media Roots Radio.



Robbie follows up with a solo Media Roots Radio podcast about Super Tuesday: neocon panic and desperate GOP hysterics over Trump.



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2 thoughts on “Media Roots Radio – 2016 Presidential Election Insanity

  1. Hmm – I hate leaving short comments – never fully realized. To tie it in better with the conversation – people read crap news that is contextually limited – usually to paint a desired picture – then said readers parrot what they have read (as Robbie ranted about). Dumb people down and we all eventually suffer. Help make people more efficient – filled with correct knowledge and we all eventually benefit.
    Good stuff. Enjoy – as Abby’s new format is more standard journalistic so it doesn’t have her fun to listen to rantings. :)
    Enough exceeded my hermit participation and or socializing limitations.

  2. Agreeing with the way people isolate time frames as Robbie the brother put it. The isolation is to limit important variables needed for a an all inclusive context. Done out of ignorance – or a combination of ignorance and dishonesty. It is possible for a person to do it as a matter of knowledgeable dishonesty – I just would find that hard to accept because of what that would say about such a person. Ignorance is inefficient. Passing on bad information just mucks up things – makes people more inefficient. A person who really understands the full ramifications of mucking people up – and does it …. That is just hard to fathom. A person with limited / short term thinking would do so to get a short term advantage – not capable of fully understanding full damage done. Given that even the best of the best of the best will only grasp a tiny fraction of the sum total of all knowledge – purposefully fucking people up is truly a pure negative* action.
    *Hate the terms good and bad, or evil – they carry a fantasy component – prefer positive vs. negative.

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