Media Roots Radio: QAnonEleven, DC Military Lockdown & Trump’s #StopTheSteal Wack Pack w/ gumby4christ

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Robbie Martin goes through new information on the Capitol building riot on January 6th including stories about a US Military Psyops officer leading part of the march from North Carolina and Alex Jones claiming he was ‘setup’ by a last-minute $500k donor to organize it. Researcher gumby4christ comes on the podcast at the 29:35 mark to discuss the connections he’s found to Trump’s current pool of ‘Wack Pack’ advisors and surrogates including Lin Wood, Mike ‘My Pillow’ Lindell and Sidney Powell. Robbie and gumby4christ go into the possibility of Trump’s #StopTheSteal legal team being used as a tool to rile up his supporters and they examine the theory that QAnon originated as a sophisticated psychological operation. Closing out the podcast Robbie discusses the alarming nature of the National Guard currently occupying DC and breaks down how Trump has authority over the National Guard until he technically leaves office.

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