Media Roots Radio – RIP Breaking the Set in the New Cold War

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coldwarflickrigorputinaRobbie and Abby Martin discuss her departure from Breaking the Set, the establishment’s Cold War resurrection, the splintering of the left over Obama’s military policies on Syria/Ukraine and Netanyahu’s recent visit to Congress.

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12 thoughts on “Media Roots Radio – RIP Breaking the Set in the New Cold War

  1. Just adding another supportive comment. Will deal with comments that were defending the show – in regards to production. You stated that you sometimes felt a bit of self loathing because you had one shot to get things right, for each episode, and it didn’t always work out the way you wanted etc. I suspect you are too rational to really think that. It would be the equivalent to a rail thin bulimic standing in front of a mirror and seeing a fat person. Any reasonably observant person, watching the show, noted it was not funded like a CNN production. But driven people always want more for that which they work hard to do. Sometimes people are in a circumstance that allows for this, while most have to compromise. So in the context of the situation – you did an exceptional job – period. I think you know that, but I know negative feedback can pick at the raw areas that driven people have (that you were irritated about things were not as perfectly executed as you wanted). People with malevolent intent, key in on this, to attack others. Unobservant / ignorant people just don’t see.

    So ends an era – and I enjoyed it very much!

  2. Nice to hear that you ended BTS on good terms. It’s going to be interesting to see what the new show ‘WTH’ is all about and if they can come close to what you accomplished. Who knows, maybe even in the future you can occasionally do Special Reports on that show if they want to be a show known for Integrity & the Honest Truth. Peace! 😉

  3. It is sad that over the last decade and a half, I have watched as the best journalists and minds of our times, continue to to disappear from the landscape of the media… The names are too numerous and each situation that happened to them and us is different but the song in the background remains the same… Speaking truth to power is not the job of the those who do not have the soul to voice truth. Abby, rocks! Please don’t fade away… Stay vibrant. There are already to few voices left speaking any truth it seems sometimes… Thanks for your work, don’t give up… Keep speaking truth to power… The world and the future needs it more than ever… The job of truthsayer is tough, especially when you feel outnumbered, as we do often. But remember, the 99% movement proved the media sells illusion… You and I are not alone, and we can’t let them make us believe such lies… You have the support of millions, in this country and many, in this world and others… Stay beautifully punk! And keep speaking the truth, amazing how you named it ‘breaking the set’… Very Prophetic perhaps?… RT has lost it best and greatest journalist… And I feel sad i hardly can find any trustworthy news sources any more… Thanks for what you’ve done for truth. IT has not gone unnoticed by many, and we adore your bravery and smarts. -Delphius

  4. One thing about MH17 that gets neglegted far too often is that the black box has been in England for many months at this point. But they are refusing to publish any data stored on it. Same with the radar logs and radio recordings in Ukraine. It is the West that is withholding *the* crucial data needed to solve the case. How many conclusions does that leave to be drawn?

    I’m also wondering why you don’t seem to grant the people of Crimea the right of self-determination. No matter what poll you look at, the overwhelmingly large majority of Crimeans wants to be part of Russia.
    Obviously, the way the secession went down was legally ambiguous, to say the least, and the Russian government acted purely in self-interest. But realistically, don’t you think Crimea would look like Eastern Ukraine right now if it had gone any other way?

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