Gray State: A Modern Red Dawn?

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MEDIA ROOTS — The 1980s anti-communist film Red Dawn is a favorite among the liberty movement and any paleo-convervatives whom support big government. The cult film portrays a youthful resistence movement that formed in response to a full-scale military invasion of the United States by a communist nation.

Thirty years later, the upcoming independent film Gray State has recently released a concept trailer which puts a fresh spin on the martial law scenario featured in Red Dawn. In this scenario, militas form in order to fend off the U.S. military and other federal agents from taking advantage of declared martial law. As the trailer progresses, the savior against Big Brother becomes a rag-tag group of thirty-something, gruff-looking, alpha-male milita fighters organized to take on American “peacekeepers.” 

The movie intends to shed light on the impending power of the federal government and many facets of an increased domestic police state, but it seems to fall into the fantasy pipe dream that with the citizenery armed, it can defend itself against the most technologically-advanced military force in the world.

Most three-act films end on some kind of cathartic or happy ending, one where the protagonist prevails and the viewer leaves the theatre fufilled–so I understand why the filmmakers didn’t end the film with a more realistic outcome. However, if the scenario portrayed in Gray State were to actually occur, there would be little room left for happiness. The most realistic ending would leave one possibly very helpless for guns alone will not save American society.

Regardless, the trailer has a lot of high quality visuals and special effects. We hope the filmmakers complete the project with a strong script and in the end don’t force in a happy ending. Check it out below as well as a mini documentary featuring interviews with activists and journalists explaining the concept behind the film.

Robbie Martin for Media Roots.


The film Gray State recently released its first concept trailer and is scheduled for release later this year.

Abby Martin, along with other independent journalists, discuss the scope and importance of the film Gray State.


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10 thoughts on “Gray State: A Modern Red Dawn?

  1. I have been trying to find this movie called Gray State. If you know where a person could purchase it please let me know.. I am very interrested in this matter.

    Thank you, Sincerely, Gary

  2. Its funny how the worlds most advancecd militaries have such a hard time conquering and controlling a 3rd world nations. I imagine doing it to 180 million or so armed Americans is nearly impossible.

  3. “Tim, you are also assuming that the two sides are equally armed and equipped, which is far from the case. The military would not respond to armed rebellion with 9mms and hunting rifles, but rather Abrams tanks and smart bombs.”

    How are those smart bombs and Abrams tanks working out in Afghanistan? Like the Soviets thirty years ago, we and our NATO allies are getting our asses kicked by a determined militia armed with primitive weapons.

  4. Tim, you are also assuming that the two sides are equally armed and equipped, which is far from the case. The military would not respond to armed rebellion with 9mms and hunting rifles, but rather Abrams tanks and smart bombs. Good luck overcoming those odds. Guns and violent rebellion are not the answers to our problems.

  5. Hey Tim, glad to see someone in a comment thread engaging in a cordial disagreement. I get where you are coming from. More than guns or anything physical, i truly believe self education and critical thinking are more important weapons against Tyranny. Passion and anger against oppression alone won’t save us.

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