PBS Frontline Documentary: United States of Secrets

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logo taken from an actual NSA spy satellite exterior called: NROL-39

PBS’ United States of Secrets is a stunning, must watch documentary covering the detailed history of the post 9/11 NSA mass surveillance program.

The two part series lets state officials prop up the narrative that such spying is needed amidst a ‘War on Terror’, but juxtaposes their rhetoric with stories from NSA whistleblowers’ who were targeted for speaking out.

Incidentally, the history of ‘The Program’ derives in large part from an internal leaked document, which outlines how former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales helped shield the Bush administration from the illegality of dragnet spying. After Obama inherited Bush’s spying apparatus, he charged multiple whistleblowers with espionage for leaking information about ‘The Program’ to the press.

United States of Secrets puts the Snowden leaks in context with the NSA’s sordid past, and cogently outlines how the surveillance state got to where it is today.



You can watch United States of Secrets on You Tube, albeit in lower quality than PBS:

United States of Secrets Part 1 of 2


United States of Secrets Part 2 of 2


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