Media Roots Radio: Kathy Nguyen the Anthrax Victim FBI Called a Terrorist & Swabbing Hijacker Remains in Shanksville

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Robbie Martin returns for another Amerithrax deep dive episode while the 20th Anniversary of the attacks continues. This time the focus is on which parts of the anthrax murders that were omitted from the FBI investigation in order to create the appearance that Bruce Ivins was guilty (who committed suicide in 2008 before the FBI could bring charges to him). Most of the epiode focuses on key omisssions from the DOJ executive Amerithrax summary from 2010 like the AMI building crime scene in Florida, the murder of photo-editor Robert Stevens and the still completely mysterious case of the only NY anthrax fatality, Manhattan hospital worker Kathy Nguyen. These omisssions along with the St Petersburg ‘hoax’ letters’ give the false appearance that a single person using only anthrax laced letters as a murder weapon comitted the crime when the evidence (and FBI statements from 2003 and before) actually shows that the attacks were likely conducted by at least two people, using more than just letters to infect and kill their victims.

Note: Please download the newly provided Media Roots Radio ‘Anthrax Cache’ compiled by Gumby4Christ & Robbie Martin, a zip containing over 340 megabytes of raw files from the Anthrax and 9/11 investigations to help add context as you listen to this episode here:

the Anthrax Cache 2 of 3

the Anthrax Cache 3 of 3

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