Media Roots Radio: Ghost Election: 2020, Defining ‘Cancel Culture’ & the Death of Movies w/ Jack Allison & Leslie Lee

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For the first time both Struggle Session podcast hosts, Jack Allison & Leslie Lee III join Media Roots Radio! Jack, Robbie and Leslie start by discussing the potential death of mega-budget Hollywood films and how Christopher Nolan’s Tenet may be the last original property non-sequel $200mil movie ever to be made. Next the discussion veers to the topic of ‘cancel culture’ and how the term itself needs to be specifically defined and framed differently than in the typical debates most people are currently having about the subject. Concluding the episode Robbie gets Jack and Leslie’s thoughts on the 2020 US Presidential election and they discuss how surreal it feels that there is virtually no energy or momentum leading into this race even though it’s only 3 months away.

Note: This podcast was recorded the day before Joe Biden announced his Vice Presidential pick.

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