Media Roots Radio: ‘Abraham Lincoln Was Not a Freemason’ the Freemasonic History of the United States Part 5 [Preview]

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A preview clip to Part 5 of the Freemasonic History of the United States, Brother Against Brother… Freemasonry, Knights of the Golden Circle & the Scottish Rite During the Civil War [Full episode is 4.5 hours long]. To get access to the full series, become a Patreon subscriber of Media Roots Radio for as little as $5 a month or per creation.

Full episode synopsis:
Robbie Martin continues the Freemasonic History of the United States with Part 5 starting with speculation on Abraham Lincoln’s potential Freemasonry. Robbie then moves onto the Civil War and how Albert Pike became a Confederate General tasked with recruiting the ‘5 Civilized Tribes’ of Native Americans to the Confederate side in the war. Pike ended up commanding over 1,000 Native American soldiers in the battle of Pea Ridge resulting in great controversy that would haunt him for the rest of his life. Before the war was over a secret society Freemasonic inspired group called the Knights of the Golden Circle conspired to kidnap and assassinate Abraham Lincoln but the actual assassination itself was carried out by KGC member John Wilkes Booth. In an act of Masonic solidarity Albert Pike ends up being redeemed after the war by fellow Scottish Rite Freemason, President Andrew Johnson. The Knights of the Golden circle eventually evolved into what we know now today as the Ku Klux Klan.

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