Media Roots TV- Is Obama’s Support Warranted?

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MEDIA ROOTS- The Obama campaign mobilized one of the largest grassroots movements for a presidential candidate in recent history. Barack Obama became a global icon symbolizing people’s hope for change. The SF bay area was a hub of support for Obama during election time. Now two years into his presidency, Media Roots set out to see if people are tuned into their favorite candidate’s actions- and if his actions warrant their support.

Media Roots conducts on the spot interviews with people in Berkeley and Oakland, CA about their support for President Barack Obama.

2 thoughts on “Media Roots TV- Is Obama’s Support Warranted?

  1. Interesting interviews. Fact is Obama has not come through on a single campaign “promise”. He’s become the ultimate insider… and either folds like a tent on a every issue, or was a liar to begin with and for elected to do the bidding of “the establishment”. We did not get the change we voted for and were promised. Nothing has changed.

  2. It is amazing how mislead the people are! They must be watching mainstream media – the same corporations making tons of dollars off the so called war on terrorism!

    Do not EAT ANY FISH! There have been massive fish kills around the planet! The Gulf is totaly deadly and the Gulfstream goes up the Eastern Coast. There are dead fish washing ashore all the way up to Massachuetts.

    Obama blantanly misled the people to think the Fish is safe eat! The same EPA that said the air was safe to breathe after 9/11 that is estimated to kill 2-30 thousand people because the air was so toxic is telling the people the Fish is safe to EAT! It is estimated that 40 million people are going to die because the Gulf is so toxic!

    See and for further information regarding the truth about the Gulf.

    In Bolivia over 1 million fish have died from 2 oils spills in the region. They claim it is because of cold weather. Fish swim to warmer waters when its cold and if they do freeze after they thaw out they swim around and are healthy – no problem. I witcessed this in Ohio when I lived there in -20 degree weather.

    These people need to get their head out of the sand! Our votes do not count! They put into office who they want from the Twp Party Puppet Show!

    The Fish dying is a Global Event! The Chemtrails are to kill us and has nothing to do with Global Warming! The Chemtrails are also being done Globally to all the NATO Countries! I guess Iran doesn’t get sprayed with these toxic chemicals! Check out Chemtrails on Youtube!

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