Media Roots Radio: Revenge of the Kagans, DOD’s 11 Ukrainian Bio Labs, 60 Mins Targeted Individuals, Havana Reviews

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Robbie Martin goes solo on the last episode of February 2022. Starting off Robbie talks about the under-reported warning about how a war in Ukraine might cause an accidental release of ‘deadly pathogens’ at (11) US DOD linked biological labs there. He then continues to explore the volatile frightening cluster-fuck with Russia’s military entering Ukraine specifically by analyzing the cold reactions of the infamous neoconservative Kagan family. The episode concludes with Robbie playing parts of the new 60 Minutes segment on ‘Havana Syndrome’ and sharing reactions from sound designers and electronic musicians on the alleged audio recording of the ‘Havana Syndrome’ sonic weapon itself.

Intro/Outro Music: Fabio Frizzi – Zombi

Havana Music: Zoviet France – Ascend A Fall & Caught in The Square

Havana Syndrome Sound Reviews by: @jessehamel_ @compostghoul
@x7557x @ProlePumpkin @bHarb12 (twitter handles)

Ukraine & Georgia’s Defense Department sponsored labs:

US official: Russian invasion of Ukraine risks release of dangerous pathogens:…gerous-pathogens/

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