Media Roots Radio: The Wheel of Winter’s Darkness & Smallpox Bioterror Scares Pt 1 of 2

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Robbie Martin continues the Amerithrax 20th anniversary series ( sort of ) with a deep-dive into the origins of the motherload of catastrophic imaginary terrorism, smallpox bioterrorism. It is common to hear people remark that the 2001 anthrax attacks have been ‘memory-holed’ in the public consciousness, if that’s the case then the Bush-era smallpox program is a memory-hole within a memory-hole. Starting with the early history of Smallpox, variolation and the very first vaccines, Robbie tells the story of how a disease that was eventually eradicated globally became a powerful fearmongering tool that shaped the Clinton, Bush and Covid-19 eras. After George W Bush got elected and the PNAC dream came true, of not just one but two ‘catalyzing’ events ( anthrax & 9/11 ), the idea of innoculating the entire American public via smallpox vaccination became one of the primary Bush policy postures simultaneously with the drive towards the Iraq war.

This is Part 1 of a 2 part episode. Part 2 will be released sometime in late December for Patreon subscribers only

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the Smallpox Cache::

Clinton’s War on Terror Pt 1 of 2:

Clinton’s War on Terror Pt 2 of 2:

note: @ 37:30 Robbie incorrectly refers to ‘Our Hidden History’ as Henry Hakamäki’s podcast, while Our Hidden History is also a great podcast this was a mistake, Henry Hakamäki’s podcast is actually called the Guerrilla History Pod which you can check out here:

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