Media Roots Radio: UNLOCKED: the Smallpox Vax Rollout Begins, Hauer’s Biodefense Ploy, Iraq ‘May Have the Virus’ Pt 3

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Robbie Martin continues his series on the George W Bush smallpox bioterror scare, this time laying out the series of events and shining a light on the hyperbolic media coverage that culminated with the official Whitehouse smallpox vaccination rollout plan. A plan which creepily paralelled the buildup to the US invasion of Iraq. When the MSM covered smallpox bioterrorism from 2002-2003, Iraq becomes an increasingly mentioned potential suspect for unleashing this deadly plague. Why do virtually no Americans remember this additional hysterical fear mongering campaign about smallpox from Bush & Cheney? Robbie tries to figure out the answers as he takes you further down the labyrinthine memory hole of the post-9/11 era.

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This is Part 3 of an ongoing Anthrax-adjacent Media Roots Radio series about Smallpox bioterrorism. ICYMI, check out the Wheel of Winter’s Darkness & Smallpox Bioterror Scares Pt 1 & the Smallpox Doomsday Failsafe Scenario, 100s of Tons of Virus ‘Missing’ Pt 2

Smallpox News Clips Video 1999 – 2006 :
[ exclusive archival TV clips featured in this podcast]

the Smallpox Cache :
[ documents compiled by Robbie Martin relevant to the smallpox story ]

2002 CDC Small Pox Vaccination Plan :
[ the entire series of documents including revisions to the CDC’s smallpox bioterror response plan ]

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