Media Roots Radio: Libs Love Lab-Leak, Geopolitical Sting Op & the Wuhan Coincidence w/ gumby4christ

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Robbie brings on researcher gumby4christ for a sequel of sorts to the previous Media Roots Radio episode ‘The Oswald Institute of Virology, COVID-19 Origins & US Military Biowarfare’. Just when it seemed like the Covid ‘lab-leak’ talk had gone away it comes back with a vengeance. A series of incriminating e-mail exchanges got dumped revealing ‘Gain of Function’ research funded by the US government at the Wuhan BSL-4 lab and Anthony Fauci’s full awareness of it. This eventually led to Fauci conceding that Covid-19 could have leaked from a lab and Jon Stewart saying on Late Night with Stephen Colbert that it was a pandemic ‘created by scientists’. Robbie & Gumby break down every conceivable angle of what could actually be going on here, from the idea of a long con Wuhan lab sting operation as a vehicle for a geopolitical strategy against China to how the propaganda campaign resembles WMDs in Iraq but could be employing reverse psychology (‘the fact checker elites lost!’). The podcast concludes with Gumby revealing the contents of the Ft. Detrick USAMRIID documents he obtained via a FOIA.

Intro/outro song: Ph.D. – Beautiful Day

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