Israel Launches Aggressive Attack In Gaza

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MEDIA ROOTS – Netanyahu otherwise known as ‘BB’ alleges that Hamas has committed a “double war crime” by firing out-dated rockets out of self defense at the Israeli aggressors. Israeli defense minister, Ehud Barak, who predicted the aftermath of 9/11 with his amazing prophetic psychic abilities, says that Israel intends to “systematically destroy” anywhere in Gaza where rockets are being produced.

Wouldn’t it be ridiculous if someone in Detroit fired rockets outside of Michigan and Washington D.C. responded with an ariel bombing of Detroit? At Media Roots we think firing on a population contained in your own country with military force is beyond ridiculous. Once again it evokes mass surrealism how biased the media is, including CNN in justifying these events. 

Robbie Martin for Media Roots

Ehud Barak’s psychic abilities on display


CNN – “We are defending ourselves,” he said, arguing that Benjamin Netanyahu was looking to cement support in advance of an election in two months. Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak denied that any politics are involved in the decision.

Speaking to CNN, Barak said Israel has destroyed most of the “heavy long range rockets” used by militants in Gaza and is working to “systematically destroy” installations in which other rockets are produced. “It will take some time,” he said, “and we are not going to stop until the whole thing will dramatically change” — with an end to the attacks from Gaza, he said.

Israeli forces are going after Hamas weapons, storage bunkers, weapons labs and workshops, an Israeli official told CNN. The official has direct knowledge of Israeli plans but declined to be identified because of the sensitive nature of the information. The Israeli army is moving nearly a division’s worth of troops — perhaps 1,500 to 2,000 — to the border, the official said.


One thought on “Israel Launches Aggressive Attack In Gaza

  1. For one, it wasn’t Hamas who broke the cease-fire – that is straight prgdnoaapa. I don’t think people are “criticizing” Israel, I think they’re genuinely pissed that a nation can so brazenly torture, starve and murder people in a blatantly racist manner, completely ignore the international community as if they were the high and mighty USA (the owners who give Israel the model to follow), steal land despite being called out on it year after year after year, and then have morons like you actually believe their crap. You’re a testament to their PR machine and the gullibility of some people. Here’s a question for the candidates – What makes you Nazi PM candidates think you deserve anything other than to swing from a rope? YOU’RE CHILD MURDERERS!

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