The Jimmy Dore Show: Gov. Shutdown Of TeleSUR & “Empire Files” Explained By Abby Martin

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On The Jimmy Dore Show, Host of Empire Files Abby Martin and producer Mike Prysner discuss the attack on their show and their network TeleSUR by the U.S. government.

Due to sanctions imposed by the current administration, Empire Files is now being forced to ask for support from viewers and is promoting a GoFundMe and Patreon to ensure that their show and their message continues.

As Dore explores, censorship of TeleSUR extends beyond the government into the capitalist industry, with Facebook removing and censoring the TeleSUR Facebook page twice in just one year. Abby adds that the warnings and censorship extend to both Twitter and YouTube.

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After a coordinated assault against voices challenging US imperialism, Trump’s sanctions have effectively shut down Empire Files. Please help us keep going, there’s much more work to do!

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