Abby Martin Goes Off on ‘Corporate Media’ Propaganda to Piers Morgan

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HUFFINGTON POST – Abby Martin, one of the Russia Today anchors who made waves this week for her condemnation of the Russian invasion of Crimea, appeared on Piers Morgan’s Wednesday show for a feisty back-and-forth about the nature of the network she works for.

Martin told Morgan that she was aware of the potential consequences when she said that Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine was wrong. She compared it to the situation on American television during the Iraq War.

“I knew going into that that I could put my job on the line considering how the corporate media has fired multiple anchors for simply speaking out against the Iraq war,” she said. “So, I did know that, you know, going against the editorial line of my network I could put my job on the line. Fortunately, that hasn’t happened yet.”

She said she had total editorial independence on RT, and said its pro-Russia line was “no different than every other corporate media station.”

“We’re talking about six corporations that control 90 percent of what Americans see, hear and read,” she said. “The lead-up to the Iraq war, parroting exactly what the establishment said. I mean you could reflect the exact same criticism on all of the corporate media channels.”

When Martin said that Morgan was “beholden to advertisers that you cannot criticize,” Morgan got a little agitated.

“I’m free to say what the hell I like!” he snapped.

This story was also featured on Mediaite.


It was especially awesome to see former MSNBC host and founder of The Young Turks, Cenk Uygur, confirm everything I said to Piers Morgan about self-censorship in the corporate media.

TYT’s Cenk Uygur Validates Abby’s Rant on Piers Morgan


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One thought on “Abby Martin Goes Off on ‘Corporate Media’ Propaganda to Piers Morgan

  1. Piers is so full of it…he was obviously trying to get you to criticize RT even though you had already made your position abundantly clear…ironic that CNN forced him out for his gun control stance…and of course horrible ratings and the fact that he is clearly a DB given that even his staff were glad the show was cancelled. Well done again Abby!

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