Rand Paul Confronted on Mitt Romney Endorsement

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MEDIA ROOTSLuke Rudkowski of WeAreChange and I got the chance to confront Senator Rand Paul about some of the questions thousands of his supporters have about his endorsement for Presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Luke spots the Senator walking outside and questions him about his endorsement, just days after Mitt was spotted at the Bilderberg Group, according to the London Guardian. He also brings up his previous interview he had with pre-Senate Paul where Paul said that the Bilderberg Group had malintentions and that Goldman Sachs should be audited.  Romney has received over half a million dollars from Goldman Sachs for his 2012 campaign. I then follow up inside the Senate building and ask him why he is supporting a candidate that endorses all the policies Rand claims he is against.



Rand Paul Confronted about Romney Endorsement



9 thoughts on “Rand Paul Confronted on Mitt Romney Endorsement

  1. It passes no scientific smell test to say (Romney) was spotted at a conference – by onlookers who aren’t allowed in and whose participants can only be glimpsed at at a distance? Really now!

  2. Rand started off polite,, then a scene-change later he went cold. Was there something edited out? Regardless, no one likes ambush journalism. Rand was kind enough to do an informal interview with the Daily Paul Radio. Luke should have asked for an appointment.

    Dogging Rand while he was busy was rude, arrogant and contentious. A less patient man would have called for police outside or security inside. An even less patient man (like me) would have cold-cocked Luke.

    While fanboys and teenieboppers may admire Luke for jamming a mic in Rand’s face and demanding answers about the endorsement and B-bergers, I felt it was callous and rude.

    Regardless what anyone thinks, Rand has proposed a huge body of pro-liberty legislation before the endorsement and continues to after. I think people should be patient and see how it all plays out before making judgments. I prefer to craft my own perceptions based on what I hear and see myself from both Rand and Ron, rather than having it filtered for me by talking heads and junior “boy reporters”.

  3. WeAreChange.Org has supported and helped the Paul’s in the capacity that they can and will probably continue to do so. If Rand was proud of his endorsement of Romney or felt he wanted the continued support of WeAreChange, he would have responded differently. I see two bad-asses asking what EVERY Paul supporter wants to know and has been unable to find out. You two are dangerous together : )

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