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RT has given me opportunities I will be eternally thankful for and hosting Breaking the Set has been the best and most invaluable experience of my life. I never imagined the kind of support it would generate, proving how many people are hungry for raw truth and systemic change.

Throughout the course of the show, I’m most proud of the stories we’ve done on the road – Pine Ridge, Detroit, Gulf Coast, Guantanamo Bay and soon to be released Cuba. As such, after almost three years of reporting from the studio I’ve decided to focus on investigative field reporting.

Please note I’m not stopping or going anywhere. If I can’t find a platform to host my show vision with the same editorial freedom, I will turn to crowdsourcing. And until I establish my next venture I’ll be writing daily, podcasting, producing video shorts and doing talks around the world.

Please follow me on facebook, youtubetwitter and my website Media Roots to stay tuned.

I’m excited to put all my heart into the last two weeks of the most hard hitting show on TV and celebrate a great run, all of which wouldn’t have been possible without you.

Much love and appreciation to everyone for supporting me and my future endeavors.

Never Stop Breaking the Set.


44 thoughts on “Never Stop Breaking the Set

  1. I live in South Africa.
    Never missed a show. Why did it come to an end??
    So disappointing to see it go.
    Your show (and RT) opened my eyes!
    Would love to meet you one day!

  2. Sorry to see Breaking the Set has ended. It was the perfect antidote to the tedious corporate news outlets. Here’s wishing you all the best for the future. Keep fighting the good fight.

  3. Dear Abby Martin

    A heartfelt thank you for your show. I was so happy to find you, a much needed breath of fresh air.

    You have a very bright light burning inside you and its radiance glimmers in your eyes when you smile.

    Your dedication to truth, justice, and an equitable society is abundantly evident and is beautiful.

    You are right, there is much beauty shared in this world and the tables will turn toward that light.

    Thanks again Abby Martin and I will definitely stay tuned!

  4. I am very disappointed to hear the show will not continue on RT. It was my favorite news program on the planet. I don’t speak german so I can’t read the excellent and very neutral swiss papers, so Breaking the Set was the closest I could get to accuracy. It isn’t easy in this world to attack corporate giants without getting a call from on high.

    I hope that Abby finds an even more powerful station from which to broadcast. There are so many injustices in this world, it is more than one person can possibly cover. You could spend your entire life in Asia or Africa, and stay busy. And the middle east is an endless supply of suffering.

    But here at home we have many problems. I can think of two big ones: 1) the prevailing thought in most american cities is that if we offered free bathrooms to poor people,, that it would somehow encourage poverty. So the poor are left to excrete in the streets. San Francisco could be renamed “urinetown”. The other issue is the assembly line for homelessness, where the basics of life creep upwards in cost, and then governments get into the habit of funding themselves by taxing the poorest citizens through outrageous parking tickets and the subsequent towing, which often induces fines in excess of the value of their car. Once you strip an American of their car, in most places it means dramatically lower job prospects. That hour and a half extra on the bus each way grinds you down. Poverty is a state, a condition arrived at, through a series of downward steps. People can be driven like cattle in a slaughterhouse tunnel into poverty. Despair comes from repeated failure and punishment. It is not the natural human destiny.

    Best of luck to Abby

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