MR Original – Bachmann: Insurance for Obama Victory?

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MEDIA ROOTS- Michelle Bachmann’s catapult to fame eerily resembles Sarah Palin’s rise to the top during the 2008 election circus. Both Bachmann and Palin are media made sensations whose extreme antics and shocking ignorance of basic civics have only garnered them more attention. One can’t help but wonder if the popularity of such inept candidates has been in part manufactured by the establishment to provide insurance for another Obama victory.

On a panel discussing Michelle Bachmann’s potential presidential run, Chris Matthews strangely admitted that Bachmann was “created here“– in reference to his MSNBC show Hardball. Was he insinuating that he was partly responsible for Bachmann’s recognition and success?

In 2008, Matthews excoriated Bachmann for her suggestion to catalog and investigate ‘dissenters’ in the House of Representatives, then proceeded to give her a platform to speak at length on his show. Bachmann’s empty rhetoric equating liberalism with anti-Americanism became a viral hit online.

Michelle Bachmann on Hardball with Chris Matthews


Later on Real Time with Bill Maher, Matthews repeats himself, adding gleefully that “Bachmann’s going to win the nomination.” Maybe Matthews is smiling because he is hoping for his Frankenstein-esque creation to fall on her own sword, creating an easy victory for Obama. Tricks or so called ‘dirty’ ones have always been a part of the election cycle. Matthews is an influential partisan talking head, who is experienced enough in the media world to know exactly what he’s doing.

In a recent Media Roots Interview, Cindy Sheehan said that Sarah Palin was picked as Mccain’s VP as “insurance” for an Obama victory. Whether or not that’s true, it’s undeniable that a large amount of Americans voted for Obama in 2008 solely because of how terrifying the prospect of a Mccain/Palin presidency was.

It’s a sad state of democracy when people are fear-mongered into voting against their own interests. As long as the media continues to prop up such extremist GOP candidates, people who identify themselves as liberal, green and libertarian will continue to knee jerkily vote for bought-and-paid for establishment candidates that will proceed the policies that have bankrupted and demoralized this nation.

Written by Abby Martin & Robbie Martin

Photo by flickr user Scott Spiegael

4 thoughts on “MR Original – Bachmann: Insurance for Obama Victory?

  1. Panama Canal. Tingles running up his leg from of “57 staets”, “the police acted stupidly”, and “spread the wealth” Obama. The first guy can’t hear, but can he read & write? And did I hear Michelle Bernard say ‘monetORY’ policy? And she’s deriding Bachmann? Keep it up Chris – you’re guaranteeing another Republican sweep in 2012.

  2. Everyone will vote Ron Paul, but he wont be president. These polls that the media take have been falsified. They always seem to be neck and neck. BS

  3. Of course it could be the case that even if they were manufacturing her popularity, it’s still best to prevent her from getting into the white house.

    Sometimes what the powers that be want you to do, and what really should be done, coincide.

    In a perverse way, her being hyped by the media gives her a sporting chance at winning. The right feeds off of nominally liberal media making fun of her, as it strengthens their “anti-elite” and alleged underdog position.

  4. “It’s undeniable that a large amount of Americans voted for Obama in 2008 solely because of how terrifying the prospect of a Mccain/Palin presidency was.” Yikes, embarrassing that I fell into that category, but now seeing the bigger picture of how it’s all manufactured to create that sense of terror, it makes me sick. GREAT article, guys; you said things that people only think about and wonder, “Hmmm, is this really happening?” Waking people up from their slumber does a great service to this ignorant country. Media Roots just keeps getting better and better!

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