Media Roots Music – Fluorescent Grey Mix #1

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Media Roots Music – Fluorescent Grey Mix #1 by Media Roots

FG: If you are an avid listener of Media Roots Radio, you may have noticed our frequent use of obscure electronic music in our intros, and segweys. This mix is dedicated to the electronic music that influenced me as a child. I was born in 1981, so a lot of this is from before my time. However, echoes of these songs can be heard throughout 80s film and television. 

I was introduced to Joel Van Droogen Broeck’s ridiculously prescient song ‘Robot Tiger’ when I was halfway done making this mix by Reid Dunn AKA Wisp from Rephlex Records. In one fell swoop, Mr. Van Droogen Broeck invents minimal techno the same year Dj Pierre was writing ‘Acid Trax’, pulls the rug out from under Rustie- not just with a time machine but by being bad ass, and takes Aphex Twin’s balls out of his wife’s purse on ‘Space Line’ (this is not actually a reference to RDJ, but to one of the best lines in ‘The Burbs’ who’s opening title song closes out this mix). We don’t want to forget about great groundbreaking artists like Tom Ellard AKA Severed Heads, who covers all genres of electronic music before they were even invented (perhaps Ellard is Van Droogen Broeck’s long lost Australian cousin).

I have to also personally confess that the main reason Dawn of the Dead is such a memorable movie for me is because of the film’s use of Goblin’s synth masterpiece ‘La Caccia’ in the film- not the political commentary or gore.  So kick back, take a break from your Oneohtrixpoint Never marathon and dive like Scrooge McDuck into a sea of actual retro 70s and 80s electronic music gems.

Fluorescent Grey

Artist List:

Roedelius – Von Ferne Her  (1981)
Roedelius – Von Fliegen (1981)
Harold Grosskopf – Emphasis (1979)
Tangerine Dream – Rubycon part 1 (1975)
Jerry Goldsmith – Rec room  (1981)
Li De La Russe – Quest Fast (1972)
Giorgio Moroder – Utopia (1977)
Yellow Magic Orchestra – Behind The Mask (1979)
Synergy – Phobos And Deimos Go To Mars (parts I & II)  (1978)
Alan Hackshaw & Brian Bennett – Driving Force (1974)
Goblin – La Caccia  (1978)
Harold Faltermeyer – Fletch Theme (1985)
V.D.B. Joel – San Diego Industry (1988)
Severed Heads – All Saints Day (1989)
Tom Ellard – Cheesecake 3  (1982)
V.D.B. Joel – Space Line  (1987)
Joel Van Droogen Broeck – Robot Tiger (1987)
Skinny Puppy –  Splasher (1984)
Joel Van Droogen Broeck – Drum Program  (1987)
John Carpenter – The President Is Gone (1981)
Tangerine Dream – Love on a Real Train (1984)
Frank Zappa – Night School (1986)
Alan Silvestri –  Elaine (1984)
Trevor Jones – Into The Labyrinth (1986)
Giorgio Moroder – Fantasia  (1984)
Jerry Goldsmith – Night Work (Main Title)  (1989)

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