‘Gaza Fights For Freedom’ Screening Tour with Abby Martin

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The Empire Files is excited to announce that ‘Gaza Fights For Freedom’ will be screening across the US and in Canada. Filmmakers Abby Martin and Mike Prysner will be attending many of these screenings for Q&A after the film. The tour will be through the months of September and October.

This is the most riveting way to see this film, with it’s stunning HD footage and 5.1 digital Surround Sound mix, and in-person with Director Abby Martin to answer questions about the film. Proceeds will benefit activist organizations in the Palestine solidarity movement.

To be notified as soon as the tickets are released, sign up here

While many additional tour dates will be announced in the coming weeks, this is an initial list of cities that you can count on hosting a screening:

-New York City, San Francisco, Sacramento, Washington, DC, Denver, Albuquerque, Indianapolis, Portland, Seattle, Montreal, Toronto and more!

If you’d like to host a screening in a city not listed, click here.

Please consider making a donation here to get this film seen as many places as possible!

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