KPFK Indy Media Interview About Media Roots

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KPFK’s Chris Burnett of Indy Media on air interviews Abby Martin, creator of Media Roots, to talk about politics, activism, and media justice.


One thought on “KPFK Indy Media Interview About Media Roots

  1. hi abby. finaly got to listen to the whole thing. i found it quite interesting, particularly your account of trying to get the other side of the flouride question. i also found your statement on 9/11 to be quite nuanced. i would love to here your specific views ie, controlled demolition vs not stopping a plot. also. i watched a 90 minute video of the dubunkin 9/11 debunkers guy giving a speach. he says the calles from 93 were faked. what do you think about this? for me the “truther” sites seem to throw everything agaist the wall and see what sticks. one last thing. RATM, best band of all time! nice shout out.

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