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JOE ROGAN AND IComedian Joe Rogan’s unfiltered podcast The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) features a variety of awesome guests whose topics range from ancient civilizations to the police state.

I always love joining Joe while in LA, and recently got to discuss with him everything from Islam to the need for a new economic model.

Many fucks are said, so if you’re offended by swearing please skip the broadcast.


The Joe Rogan Experience with Abby Martin


To download this podcast go here. Check out the last podcast I did with Joe focusing on Israel’s war on Gaza and the Drug War.

Some of my favorite topics to hear Joe and his guests wax philosophy about are space and consciousness, so I invited him on Breaking the Set to talk string theory, invisible aliens and collective DMT dreams.

 Joe Rogan on Breaking the Set


While in Cali I also stopped by Bonoboville to speak to Dr. Susan Block, a sex therapist specializing in the philosophy of ethical hedonism. On her weekly radio show, we discussed everything from US hegemony to ecosexuality.

For a sweet write-up about the interview and an audio file to download it, go here.


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4 thoughts on “Abby Martin on The Joe Rogan Experience

  1. Africa is the last vast untapped landscape. We have the technology now to explore its interior. Why wouldn’t we exploit any and all treasures that exist within.

    I like some of the Zeitgeist ideas WRT open source movements and certainly people growing their own food (, but I thought I had seen that there was some ultimate point where computers would be decision-makers, which would likely end up with some coder manipulating the system in their favor. If I am wrong about that, then definitely correct me.

    WRT replacing capitalism, capitalism is just humons compartmentalizing natural selection in an economic sense, without realizing that natural selection pervades every aspect of everything. “Capitalism” is continuously evolving, whether people talk about replacing it or not. I think that incorporating the good aspects of communism should absolutely be a conscious effort moving forward, and I am idealistic that people are starting to realize the value of collaboration.

  2. I think collaboration is what would be the ideal to move towards now that a connected human consciousness exists.

    After hearing about Rand Paul’s son, I feel kind of horrible about being an apologist for him for so long.

  3. I imagine that when people start to look the other way and create an environment where Jimmy Saviles and Bill Cosbys can exist/flourish, that there is probably an excitement with seeing how much they can get away with.

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