Abby Martin on The Jimmy Dore Show: The Untold History of U.S. Empire

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This week, Abby Martin appeared on the Jimmy Dore Show to discuss the Empire Files’ place in the media, the dominance of the American Empire, and how the corporate media feeds into the capitalist system at the expense of Democracy and public knowledge.

During the interview, Abby discusses the behind-the-scenes of her exit from RT America and how even then, the propaganda network was moving to place RT in their crosshairs at the inception of the new “Red scare.”

Also in the video, Jimmy and Abby discuss how the regular American’s view of the world is built entirely around American exceptionalism – those who aid the U.S. in arms and oil are friend, while those we terrorize are foe.

Finally, the two progressive hosts discuss the niche they and their audience have created among the toxicity of corporate, commercialized media. “They’re not funding investigations, they’re funding non-investigations”


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