Abby Martin Reports for RT: Bilderberg 2012 Wrap Up

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MEDIA ROOTS – For the last half century, an organization comprised of the .001% of the world’s elite called the Bilderberg Group has met annually around the world with almost no official press coverage.  During the meetings, the top 140 of the world’s power brokers in banking, oil, food, media, defense, royalty and politics are believed to make policy decisions behind closed doors that affect the rest of the world. 

On Thursday, May 31st – Sunday, June 3rd, the annual Bilderberg Conference took place at the Westfields Marriot in Chantilly, Virginia, a city located right next to Washington, DC.  I went to cover this year’s Bilderberg Conference and mass protests that took place all weekend for RT TV.  People across many political spectrums–including Ron Paul libertarians to Occupy Wall Street protesters–joined together to rally against the covert meeting of the minds, in which the protesters claim sets a global agenda to perpetuate their own power structure at the subjugation of humanity.



Abby Martin reports on the history of the Bilderberg Group and cites some of its most notable attendees from past years.


Abby Martin covers the first day of the Bilderberg Group to find out why people are protesting.  Featuring interviews with Dan Dicks of Press for Truth TV, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange, Mattew Medina of Truth Exposed Radio and Alex Jones of InfoWars.


Abby Martin reports from the second day of the Bilderberg Conference protests during a torrential downpour.


After Bilderberg came to a close, Abby Martin wraps up the event and gives some insight on what transpired over the weekend.


Check out the full list of participants from


INFOWARS“Any citizen of the United States, wherever he may be, who, without authority of the United States, directly or indirectly commences or carries on any correspondence or intercourse with any foreign government or any officer or agent thereof, with intent to influence the measures or conduct of any foreign government or of any officer or agent thereof, in relation to any disputes or controversies with the United States, or to defeat the measures of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both…”

To be absolutely clear –Any citizen without United States authority who speaks intentionally of influence with foreign government officials about disputes or controversies any country has with America shall be fined and imprisoned.

Americans attending the Bilderberg conference in Chantilly, Virginia this past weekend violated the Logan Act. Given this is America these individuals are innocent until proven guilty, however that is a process for the courts. Each American citizen attending the meeting should prove to a jury of his or her peers that in fact they did not engage discussion with foreign government officials with the intent to influence the conduct of that foreign government in the context of an existing dispute or controversy with the United States. It is not up to executive branch officials, legislators, police, military or media to decide their guilt or innocence –it is up to the courts. That being said, it seems clear sufficient probable cause, motive and opportunity exists to issue arrest warrants.

Historical Origins of the Logan Act

The Logan Act all begins with a treaty between America and Britain called the Jay Treaty. You can research the contents and reasons behind the Jay Treaty on your own, it is only important here to understand that it angered the French who had been a staunch ally of America since the 1778 Treaty of Alliance. America had declared neutrality in the conflict between Britain and France and the Jay Treaty violated that neutrality. Pouring salt into that wound America also refused to re-pay debts owed to France, suggesting the debt was owed to the French monarchy and not to the newly founded Republic of France. The French were furious and began seizing American trade ships and refused to accept an American ambassador to negotiate. This spurred the Quasi-War.

Along comes a physician, farmer and future United States Senator named George Logan. As the founder of the Democratic-Republican society in 1793 he was not well liked by the coalescing and strengthening Federalist Party who lusted for an American central bank. In 1798, Logan travelled to Paris and met with the infamous French diplomat Charles “lame devil” Talleyrand and former exile Philippe Merlin de Douai, who held the highest political office in the new French republic. Like modern American Bilderberg participants Logan identified himself as merely an American citizen and like modern Bilderberg meetings they discussed matters of general dispute, controversy and interest to the French foreign power.

George Logan reported an expanding American anti-French sentiment, while he insisted that he did not intend to explain America’s position nor criticize French positions. He was merely there to discuss general matters emanating from the controversy and dispute evident in the mutual relations between France and America. The success of Logan’s trip is largely due to the timing as the French were anxious to extricate themselves from foreign entanglement to focus on domestic issues. Only days after Logan’s departure American seamen held in French jails were released and the trade embargo was lifted. Praise was showered upon Logan by Democratic-Republican newspapers and this drew the ire of the dominant Federalist Party.

Then Secretary of State Timothy Pickering, charged with conducting the nation’s foreign policy, suggested to Congress that they act to curb individual interference with sovereign foreign affairs. With very little debate the Logan Act glided through the Federalist majority House and Senate. George Logan would become a United States Senator representing Pennsylvania from 1801 to 1807. Irony would later see George Logan dispatched on an unsuccessful private diplomatic mission to avoid the War of 1812. So, the Logan Act was historically conceived by a Secretary of State to protect the State Departments authority.

Today the State Department allows their responsibility to be hi-jacked by foreign lobbyists, corporate interests, privately conceived and controlled “think tanks,” and international legislative bodies such as the United Nations. This is the very premise for convening the annual Bilderberg meeting and the corresponding premise for the Logan Act. The mainstream media facilitates the dilution of sovereign American foreign policy by ignoring the facts and history, disguising it with misguided articles that place the word “conspiracy,” or by suggesting nothing tangible is being accomplished.

Read the full article of Issuing Bilderberg Arrest Warrants for Violation of the Logan Act here.

Written by Chris Martin

Photo by Abby Martin

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  1. Thank you Abby for your awesome coverage of the globalists. With now RT and Alex Jones, and the rest of us, maybe we can effect some change. Thank you for not being a bought and paid for pawn of the corporate press.

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