Obama Campaign’s Official LGBT Merchandise

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MEDIA ROOTS  “Which do you think came first: [Obama’s] announcement of his “support” for same sex marriage, or the marketing campaign to promote it?” –Media Roots Commenter.

Here at Media Roots, it’s sometimes hard to hold onto our ideals without having Obama’s ever vigilant marketing campaign evoke our most cynical tendencies.  Immediately after the President’s carefully orchestrated, yet commendable, announcement coming out in support of same sex marriage, an interesting link appeared in the official Obama campaign store.  The store section is called “LGBT for Obama” and it carries a plethora of items, including a shirt sporting the slogan “I’m Out for Obama” and a shirt for toddlers stating “My 2 Dads Support Obama.”  Actually, just take a look for yourself below at a few of the best… our cynicism has been tested enough for one morning. 

Disclaimer: While Media Roots supports civil liberties for all, including same sex marriage, we continue to be critical of the sitting President, notwithstanding campaign rhetoric. We are not content with mere proclamations, and will wait for action instead. 

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One thought on “Obama Campaign’s Official LGBT Merchandise

  1. Greetings…

    In 2008 I commissioned two award winning sculptors to do different poses of Pres. Obama to raise funds for our charity to help support our work in Kenya Africa. http://www.quietway.org

    I had 1,000 bronze pieces made from each pose.

    I would love to have someone help me sell them. They are on a little website we put up: http://www.obama1.com

    They were selling for $899 in 2008 but the market is different now. I’m anxious to move them for $199 from which I would be pleased to drop ship for you and pay you a $50 commission on every order.

    Ron Hatfield

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