Media Roots Radio: Pandemic Xenophobia, the Decline of US Empire & Normalcy of the Extremist Right

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Danny Haiphong of Black Agenda Report joins Robbie Martin for an in-depth discussion about COVID-19 showing the US empire in decline, revealing an ugly undercurrent of anti-Chinese xenophobia that has exploded exponentially. In the second half, Danny talks about how Black Lives Matter could merge with other leftist issues movements like anti-imperialism and the class struggle, and how leftists can effectively oppose Trump without resembling the neoliberal press that thrives on sensationalizing everything he does. In the last third, Robbie brings up the ‘Boogaloo Boys’ shooting death of an officer in Oakland, which was initially blamed on Antifa but was actually done by an active duty US air-force sergeant inspired by a troll right-wing group on 4chan that wants to start a civil war.

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