Media Roots Radio: Neocon Tentacles into Populism, the Hudson Institute, the Doomsday Machine & Kahn !!!

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Robbie & Abby do a deep dive on the only DC foreign policy think tank that has managed to slide its tentacles into the so-called ‘anti establishment’ world of the ‘populist right. They go back to the origins of the think-tank starting with founder Herman Kahn the inventor of the nuclear war MAD strategy all the way to their most effective salesman, Saagar Enjeti of the The Hill Rising who attended an Israeli counter terrorism school and wrote for Kim Kagan’s Institute for the Study of War right out of 4-year college.

note: Saagar Enjeti was no longer officially working for the Hudson Institute by January 2021. This podcast was originally released exclusively to Media Roots Patreon subsribers on May 2021.

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