Media Roots Music – Atop Mix #2

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Media Roots Music- Atop Set #2 by Media Roots

MEDIA ROOTS– With my second set for Media Roots Music, I continue to explore my different musical obsessions. At the beginning of the mix there is a sense of technology’s distance and coldness with the sounds. The end of the set ends with the more tangible essence of hands on instruments and voices bending the air. I feel there is a connection between both that can be felt from beginning to end. I hope you all enjoy it.

All the featured music on the mix can be found through searching or by emailing me: [email protected].

Akkad the Orphic Priest aka ATOP

Artist List:

EPROM – Rubber Sheets
Little Jinder – Polyhedron (Knifeshow Remix)
Boxcutter – Allele
BD1982 – VHS Nite (Rewound Version)
Leekon – Tricut
Astrobotnia – Time Shifting Window
Christodoulos Halaris – Hymn to the Sun
Papa M – Wedding Song No. 3
Panda Bear – Slow Motion
Mice Parade – Wave Greeting
King Creosote & Jon Hopkins – Bubble
Boduf songs – pitiful shadow engulfed in darkness
Bill Callahan – Babyís Breathe
Psychic TV – The Orchids


Listen to last week’s Media Roots Music Mix by Atop, an Interview with Songwriter John Vanderslice, or a broadcast about Libya, Nuclear Power & Religious Environmentalism.

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