By Any Means Necessary – Hosted by Eugene Puryear With Guest Abby Martin

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Listen to “US News Propaganda Silences Dissenters; ‘MOAB’ used in Afghanistan” on Spreaker.

By Any Means Necessary” host Eugene Puryear is joined by Abby Martin, journalist and host of The Empire Files, a weekly investigative news program on teleSUR to talk about the shocking ways in which mainstream media outlets have created a witch hunt against alternative news outlets that challenge US imperialism and militarism actions around the world. The pair also talk about the ways in which “Russia” scapegoating has been used to critique and silence social, economic and political the American and global left as well as the bipartisan media and political support for Trump’s militarism.

Later in the show host Eugene Puryear is joined by Daniel McAdams, Executive Director, Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity to talk about the bipartisan support for Donald Trump’s bombing campaign in Syria, the usage of a MOAB in Afghanistan, and what we should expect next from an aggressive and militaristic Trump administration.

Today’s talking points touch on the first ever usage of a “Mother of All Bombs” by the US in Afghanistan, Trump’s flip flopping, and more cases of police brutality in Ohio and California.


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