Baltimore Uprising, Freddie Gray & the Police State

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Baltimore-Riots-photo-credit-bydvnlln-Instagram-613x450Despite bizarre allegations that Freddie Gray killed himself by those trying to justify abominable police brutality, a medical examiner’s report officially ruled Gray’s death a homicide.

After more than two weeks of sitting idly while the city erupted into protest, Baltimore’s chief prosecutor charged six officers with crimes including murder and manslaughter.

The arrests are likely due to enormous community pressure, as largely peaceful crowds continue to swell and solidarity marches spark up across the country.

Robbie and Abby Martin discuss the Baltimore Uprising and murder of Freddie Gray on Media Roots Radio: institutionalized racism abetting pockets of mutiny; rampant police unaccountability; the convoluted narrative of the war in Syria; huckster Liz Wahl’s insane testimony to Congress about Russia “weaponizing” information.


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