Project Censored on KPFA: Occupy Wall Street West

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MEDIA ROOTS — This week’s Project Censored KPFA Show radio broadcast addressed Occupy Wall Street West and today’s day of action around Northern California by coordinated efforts between Occupy Oakland, Occupy SF, and other Occupy groups and organisations.  Abby Martin of Media Roots was on the ground covering the day’s events.



PROJECT CENSORED — On Friday’s Project Censored Show on Pacifica Radio, Mickey Huff with co-host Dr. Peter Phillips were joined by Abby Martin of Media Roots as she covered the actions of Occupy Wall Street in San Francisco.  Guests on the show include Carl Patrick of Occupy Santa Rosa and real estate investor Ken Sutherland about Wall Street firms’ tax evasion. 

The second part of this show features an interview with attorney and whistleblower Kathleen Carroll about the upcoming conference at Laney College in Oakland California on the attacks on public education and privatisation and their connection to the Occupy Movement.


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