MR Exclusive Poetry – Hijacked

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The words Change and Hope
have been hijacked.
Just another ad campaign.
More rendition
More wars  
More bailouts
More terror
More of the same.

No investigations
No accountability
For the Neocon crimes.
I guess there’s just no time.
For justice.
So shut the fuck up.
Back to work. Back in line.

The Fed keeps printing Franklins.
While the dollar continues its decline.
Corporate news censors.
And smears.
Comcast blocks.
Monsanto harvests fear.
The elite exploit.
Advancing power and control.
Rockefeller gloats.
Still manipulating the emotions
That 9/11 evokes.
Under The Military Commissions Act
You could be held indefinitely…
With no peers laid out for your jury.

If you speak about Zeitgeist,
Ron Paul, or the Constitution,
You’re considered an advocate
Of violent insurrection.
And animal rights activists
Are considered terrorists?
It doesn’t make any sense.
When did using your first amendment
Become a criminal offense?

We’ve strayed so far.
Let’s take this country back.
People need to galvanize.
Find the solution.
A Peaceful Revolution.

Abby Martin

Photo by flickr user Wired Bike

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