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MEDIA ROOTS — Yesterday, 500 fellow veterans and I marched in Washington, D.C. in support of Republican Congressman Ron Paul’s bid for Presidency.  The Veterans for Ron Paul President’s Day event began with two hours of speakers and musical performances at the Washington Monument and was followed by a well-organized march and military procession down 15th Street.

Upon reaching the White House, we promptly did an about-face to symbolically turn our back on the Commander-in-Chief and held a salute while organizer Adam Kokesh, of Adam vs. The Man, presented a folded U.S. flag to represent the death of a soldier.  We held the salute for over eight minutes—one second for every soldier that has committed suicide while President Obama has been in office.  For an additional ten minutes, our diverse company of men and women then stood at parade-rest to pray for each soldier who has died while serving Obama’s so-called ‘War on Terror.’

The successful event pulled over a thousand supporters along with many in-town tourists who were able to witness the historic spectacle.  After the rally and march, there was a sold out after-party and concert with performances by Golden State and Aimee Allen.

RT was one of the few outlets to report on the Veterans for Ron Paul Event

Although the monumental event was a great success for all those in attendance, one glaring failure did occur yesterday, a failure of coverage from the corporate media.

Most news outlets simply didn’t cover the event; and the outlets that did cover it marginalized its significance or omitted important information.  For example, ABC initially downplayed the number of attendees from hundreds who were actually in attendance to only “dozens.”  There was also no mention of event organizer Adam Kokesh in ABC’s report.  Kokesh is a former Marine, Russia Today anchor and New Mexico Congressional candidate, yet he was simply referred to as one “organizer.”  Kokesh hosts the online news show “Adam vs. The Man,” which garners thousands of viewers.

Fortunately, Ben Swann of WXIX is expecting to cover the event in his weekly “Reality Check” segment, in which Kokesh is scheduled to appear.  Swann has previously produced segments critical of the corporate media’s failure to cover Dr. Paul’s consistently strong anti-war campaign.

Oskar Mosco, who participated in yesterday’s event, is a veteran of the U.S. Army and a producer at truth-march.

Photo provided by Danny Panzella.

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