Empire Files: Randy Credico Exclusive Tell-All with Abby Martin on Wikileaks & Roger Stone

In this exclusive extended interview, Abby Martin speaks with Randy Credico who tells his side of the story on his role in the Russia investigation, his upcoming interview with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and true nature of his relationship with Trump campaign advisor Roger Stone.

With never before revealed details about Roger Stone and the Mueller investigation, Credico details his long-standing ties to the political operative and answers the hard questions about his alleged coordination with Wikileaks.

The interview highlights the larger context of the multi-front assault on Julian Assange, Wikileaks and the future of press freedom.

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Media Roots Radio: Midterm Elections, Fahrenheit 11/9, Afghanistan War 17th Anniversary

Robbie and Abby Martin chat about Michael Moore’s new movie “Fahrenheit 11/9″ and his film trajectory tip-toeing around hard critique of Democrats. They also discuss Israeli social media psyops, the upcoming midterm elections in California on November 6, including proposition 10 for affordable housing, and give an Empire update on the 17-year-long Afghanistan War, US special ops in Tunisia and a new anti-US governor in Okinawa, Japan.

CA Peace & Freedom Party Voter Guide.

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Media Roots Radio: US Regime Change in Nicaragua & History of Psyops in Latin America w/ Max Blumenthal & Camilo Mejía

Abby Martin interviews Max Blumenthal and Camilo Mejia about the history of CIA interference in Nicaragua, and the role of US civil society groups to meddle in the country’s democratic processes. They go into detail about the latest insurrection  – allegedly over pension hikes – which resulted in 300 people being killed and a call for Ortega to hold early elections. They also discuss the opposition violence against Sandinistas, and why it is ignored by the corporate media.

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Media Roots Radio: Trump Dogwhistles QAnon, Russia Censorship Redux, Hijacking Free Speech

Robbie and Abby Martin talk about hospital attacks in Yemen, the assassination attempt against Venezuelan President Maduro, the Patriot Prayer rally and conservative hijacking of “free speech” as a political issue, Facebook shutting down 32 Facebook pages it deems part of a Russian meddling operation, QAnon going critical mass and the Trump administration dogwhistling to his conspiracy base.

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Media Roots Radio: Immigration Crackdown, Gestapo ICE, How We Got Here, Palestine Update

Abby and Robbie discuss Trump’s zero-tolerance immigration policy and dehumanizing anti immigrant rhetoric, the lawlessness of gestapo police force ICE, the corporate media’s manufactured outrage about the family separation crisis, how we got here: from NAFTA to the DHS to ‘Deporter-In-Chief’ Obama, the cognitive dissonance from Americans to not connect how US foreign policy bred the refugee and immigration crisis in the first place. They also go over all the latest updates in Gaza and the West Bank in Palestine.

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